ClickBank for Newbies

One of the best ways to achieve personal and financial freedom is to set up your own business. But many people running their own businesses seem to end up a ‘slave‘ to the business rather than having any freedom at all. One way of having your own business without many of the drawbacks is to sell other people’s products as an Affiliate.

The best way to do this these days is via the internet. It gives you a global market and can be run from your own PC or laptop at home. You simply choose a marketplace you feel comfortable with and have some knowledge of, locate suitable products for that market that have an affiliate program and sign up as an affiliate, then promote the product via the internet. Every time you make a sale you will earn a proportion of the sale price as commission.

The real ‘freedom factor’ here is that the product vendor gets to do all the customer supply and support stuff while you just have to go off and spend your commission. Isn’t that great? 🙂

But, as easy as that looks, there is quite a bit of work to do to get set up, locate a market, source products and set up a marketing system. However, there is a shortcut that you can use to get started very quickly and give you the experience you need to build on in the future. This shortcut goes by the name of  ‘ClickBank‘, the worlds largest affiliate network. ClickBank acts as a sort of middleman between merchants (the guys with the products) and the affiliates (you). There are considerable benefits to becoming a ClickBank affiliate but also a few snags to look out for that caught me out when I first became a ClickBank affiliate and I don’t want you to trip over them.

Now I could write a whole series of articles here about how to profit from ClickBank but I can do better than that. A fellow Brit has become one of the leading ClickBank experts on the planet and he has written an excellent book called ‘ClickBank for Newbies‘ which I heartily recommend. What’s more he has agreed to let my readers have it for nothing to let you get started the right way. That’s right, it’s a freebie, he’s a really great guy! What’s more, you don’t have to opt-in to any newsletter or give your email address, just download it right here.

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But if you want to do it the easy way here’s the link to your free book ClickBank for Newbies