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This section is designed to keep my clients and enquirers up to date with new services and forthcoming marketing & training events.


I’ve just announced the forthcoming launch of the Freedom Club. There is now a feature panel on the right of the site and a link to an explanatory page. The Freedom Club will be a member only area of the website containing articles and downloads targeted at helping members to become personally and financially independent. New items added to the club will be announced by email to members with links to the private area pages in order to keep them exclusive. Membership at launch will be completely free. Planned launch date is ….. Very Soon!


A brand new website has been launched to highlight the benefits of affiliate marketing to businesses. Affiliate marketing is a powerful but grossly underused marketing medium in UK, this new website aims to change all that.

Key Business Growth Strategies

Affiliate marketing addresses the two key marketing strategies of business growth, namely; Market Development and Product Development. For more information check out


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